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Election Watch

KiniTV features CPPS Hudud Forum in KiniNews

Fathul Bari: Failure not due to hudud itself
Umno Youth exco member Fathul Bari Mat Jahaya said that the failure of hudud in countries such as Sudan and Nigeria are due to the manner of its implementation. He suggested that non-Muslims be part of the Technical Committee on hudud, so that they could get clarity on the issue and be given a space to voice their concerns.

View the video here.

PAS: Hudud will not be implemented without consent of people
PAS member Hanipa Maidin said that hudud would not be implemented unless the people give their full support for it. He respects the opinion that claimed that hudud if implemented in the country is in conflict with the constitution, however he said the problem was that some people assume some views to be correct and do not want to hear the arguments from the other side.

View the video here.

MCA: Hudud a competition between Umno and PAS
MCA central committee member Ti Lian Ker said the country was now being contested between Umno and PAS to prove who is more Islamic by enforcing hudud law in the country. He said in order to gain support, both parties did not want to give up and were not ready to discuss or debate about the real issues.

View the video here.

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