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Election Watch

Many questions need to be answered

February 25th, 2014
The Star

DATUK Seri Idris Jala has clearly explained the “Allah”/Bible issues and the validity of the 10-point solution in My take on the “Allah” issue (The Star, Feb 24).

It clears the air in many ways and can contribute to a better understanding of the problems we face and the need to address these sensitive issues more boldly and fairly.

While we can appreciate the technical arguments he has put forward, but in practical terms, there are many who genuinely ask inter-alia, the following questions:

> Whether fairness and religious understanding and compassion can be upheld and prevail, by releasing immediately the 300 Al-kitab that were seized from the Bible Society of Malaysia;

> Why were these Bibles seized in a raid, when there is no evidence whatsoever of propagation of non-Islamic faiths;

> Will the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department please acknowledge that up to now, there has been “a one-sided solution” that is creating a serious fault line in the Malaysian religious and social fabric?;

> What assurance can Malaysians get from the Government, that the Federal Constitution, particularly Article 11, will be administered and implemented without fear or favour?; and

> Can the Home Affairs Minister use his “discretionary powers” under the law, with “absolute authority”? Should not there be some safeguards against misuse of power that could go against public interest and the spirit of the Constitution and thus cause disunity?

I believe it would be most helpful if the Minister responds to these and other crying questions, to restore goodwill, national unity and build more public confidence in our beloved country.


Kuala Lumpur

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