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CPPS' Response to the 11th Malaysia Plan

21 May 2015

CPPS’ Response to the 11th Malaysia Plan

The Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) acknowledges that 11th Malaysia Plan is a good holistic social-economic development plan. It is also a good extension of the 10th Malaysian Plan as it carries on what has yet to be completed. The introduction of a new thrust: Pursuing Green Growth for Sustainability and Resilience. This implies the need to address climate change and environmental protection in Malaysia.

There is also a renewed focus on arts and culture to deepen understanding and appreciation of diversity and to promote cultural heritage. “However, we are intrigued of the extent to which a focus on arts and culture will really strengthen national unity; more needs to be done,” commented Ms Ng Yeen Seen, Senior Director of CPPS.

More sustainable methods of energy consumption are also needed to ensure environment sustainability, affordability, security and social acceptance for future energy to move forward. CPPS views this as an opportunity to scale up public-private partnerships (PPP) to develop innovative technologies and new markets to shape energy systems for sustainable development.

For the country’s economic transformation, the focus on productivity is very critical. Our productivity growth needs to be accelerated as Malaysia’s Total Factor Productivity (TFP) has been not significant in previous years. The introduction of the National Salary Index (NSI) aims to match skills to proper remuneration – this is also a good initiative. However, it has the potential risk of only helping those from a privileged and educated background, who are already able to help themselves without such protections, while the informal sectors remain neglected.

There are some areas that have not been addressed adequately in this 11MP document. The Plan could be further improved with a greater focus on cost controls; the elimination of wastages and also strengthening the implementation of the human rights protection framework. More also needs to be done in focusing on accountability and transparency, with specific reference to independent monitoring mechanism.

CPPS believes there is a need to further pursue strategic initiatives to build the capacity of the Sabahan and Sarawakians to account for a greater proportion of decision making roles. There continues to remain barriers to access and the need for more healthcare facilities to be provided in the interior areas - not just the rural and remote areas.   

 It must also be acknowledged that there are various good initiatives in public transport, such as MRT3 link that will allow greater mobility and crucial access necessary for growth. CPPS trusts that there will be the political will to carry out the measures in this 11th Malaysia Plan document so that the 2020 Vision of developed nation status can be realised. 

 - End –

For enquiries, please contact Ms Ng Yeen Seen, Director of CPPS

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