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Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam: PEMANDU Prime Example for Malaysia

The Malay Mail
Monday, July 07, 2014

MAY I hasten to congratulate Datuk Seri Idris Jala for leading Pemandu so well as to be selected as one of the Top 20 Government Innovation Teams internationally.

This is indeed a great honour which brings pride and satisfaction to our country, especially at the time of many and varied problems.

His success and Pemandu’s contributions bring cheer and hope to us all in these taxing times.

It would be more gratifying, however, if the people all over Malaysia felt and experienced more directly, the considerable benefits of Pemandu’s innovation in government policies and procedures and implementation techniques.

Thus, I wish the high standards that Pemandu and its officers have set and achieved, can be enthusiastically emulated by all government ministries and departments at all levels of the federal and state governments, and local authorities.

The government would be able to deliver better services to the rakyat, especially to the poor and disadvantaged.

That would surely raise our standards of good governance, which is not high, considering inter alia the poor corruption index and the Auditor-General’s report.

The challenge now would be for Pemandu to play a strong catalytic role in influencing all government agencies to fully adopt the Pemuda model in their own areas of policy formulation and implementation. If Pemandu can do it, why can’t other agencies do the same or better?

Every ministry and department could have Pemandu units internally and externally constantly monitoring and assessing their performance for efficiency, effectiveness and integrity.

These Pemandu units could coordinate closely with the Auditor-General’s office and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to ensure a more integrated and concerted approach to overcome our many maladies and poor governance.

If it is difficult to introduce Pemandu units in the government machinery, then it is proposed that the role of the present 35 “integrity units” in government could be expanded to promote the good work of Pemandu. This would be real transformation at the ground level and should help accelerate the transformation process.

However, the acid test of an innovative government would have to be based on the final delivery of quality, honesty and fast services to the people. There cannot be selective administration of services that even appear to favour the rich and influential.


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