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Election Watch

In The Media: 2012

2012 News


 Aktivis: Hak Asasi Orang Asli tak diperlihara Perlembagaaan 

 Gaps in National Education Blueprint 2012: Racial Unity, Vernacular Schools & English Language
 Reflections on the Education Blueprint
 Don't Politicise Education, our Children's future is at Stake! 
 Unity Not Addressed in Blueprint
 Form PSC on Education, Urges Kit Siang
 Principal: Giving Schools More Say a Right Move
 Mixed Review For Education Blueprint
 Centre Welcomes Report but Points Out Gaps 
 Manfaat Pelajar, Pendidik
 Serious Gaps in Education Blueprint
 National Education Blueprint Needs More Work 
 Timely Move, Say Analysts 


 Call to Address Widening Income Gap
 The Poor has yet to have a taste of 'Merdeka'
 Academician Calls for Redefining Poverty
 Ramon: Beware Threats to Economy
 Good Values and Education make the Perfect Politician  
 Barring relatives from Tenders, Projects


 Ramon Navaratnam: "Malaysia First"
 Boom in Syariah Funds
 Najib's Dream Team can be PR's Nightmare
 Nonpartisan Citizen Election Observation
 SPR Tawar Empat Badan jadi pemerhati PRU 13
 Economist: Selangor's Reputation at Stake


 Ramon Blames Freed Men
 M'sia Lauded as a Model for Anti-Graft Initiatives


Minimum wage 'half-baked' attempt
   'Aye' to Floor Wage 


 Tan Sri Teachers in Action
 Costly to Scrap PTPTN
 Fine Tune Bursary Plan for SPM Top Scorers, says Ramon
 Whither our Pursuit of Happiness
 Political Reforms a step Forward for Malaysia
 Rakyat Sengsara jika PTPTN dimansuhkan
 'Anwar's PTPTN Proposal will weaken the Economy'
 Ekonomi Boleh Lumpuh
 ASEAN Can Be Centre of Education and Employment, Says QI Group
 Oil and Water: Government and the Net
 GE-13 Outcome Difficult to Predict, says Dr. UMNO 


 No More Than a Subsidy, Say Economist
 Najib's Good Rating
 Minimum Wage Ripple Effect 


 Expect BN Defections to Pakatan, forum told 
 Pakatan will only Win Putrajaya in 14th GE
 Scrap the  Cabinet Committees


 Malaysia tidak akan bankrap, kata Navaratnam
    'I am sure all of you have nothing to fear'? ALIRAN
   Malaysia's Center for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) ranked 16th in the World's Best Think
 Tanks List (Chinese article)

   Center for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) ranked 16th in the Top Global Think Tanks List
 (Chinese article)

   Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute ranked 16th in the World’s Best Think-Tanks List
 (Chinese article)

   UN recognises M'sian think-tank as among world's best
   BN political patronage under scrutiny after scandals uncovered
   Center for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) Ranked Top Asia Think Tank
   Nazri clueless over assets disclosure
 World Bank Loans Meant only for Development projects
   Pinjaman Bank Dunia hanya biayai projek pembangunan
 Civil society applauds decision

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