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Background to the Merdeka Statement

In Commemoration of Malaysia's 50th Anniversary of Independence

As Malaysia celebrates its 50th year of independence, it is timely to take stock of our achievements as a nation, reaffirm our guiding principles and shared values, and put forward a new Malaysian agenda, which we believe will unleash Malaysia's great potential in working together for a Better Society. Whilst we have made tremendous progress in many ways, there still remain certain weaknesses and shortcomings, which need to be urgently addressed.

The Centre for Public Policy Studies, ASLI, feels that it is necessary to develop a new Malaysian national agenda, which will reflect the hopes and aspirations, fears and apprehensions, of the Malaysian public. The agenda collates the new ideas and perspectives we feel necessary to provide a paradigm shift as the nation faces new challenges in the form of national, regional and international systemic shifts.

The Merdeka Statement is therefore themed appropriately, "Towards 2020 – Working Together for a More United, Competitive, Innovative and Prosperous Malaysia", which elaborates in detail upon eight strategic thrusts that will form a comprehensive new agenda for nation-building in the next 50 years of our country's development.

The CPPS would therefore like to thank and warmly welcome you the process of the Merdeka Statement consultation. We feel that in order for the Merdeka Statement to accurately reflect the sentiments and views of the public, it is only appropriate that it welcomes feedback from various stakeholders in society, which can then be incorporated and refined in the interest of the public.

Valuable inputs, ideas, recommendations and proposals are part of a larger consultation with various other individuals from civil society organizations, policy decision makers, private and public sector stakeholders whose ideas and recommendations contribute to a holistic effort in formulating a Merdeka Statement that truly represents the Malaysia we know.

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