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Election Watch

Fact Sheets

Policy decisions made by leaders have a direct effect on every citizen's life. As such, CPPS launched the Policy Factsheets Project in the run towards the 2008 12th general elections as an initiative to inform voting decisions. Due to its warm reception, CPPS is maintaining the Policy Factsheets Project as a means to continue educating and empowering the public on issues relevant to the growth and development of Malaysia.

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Indigenous Land Rights


Rail Public Transport in the Klang Valley
Vernacular Education in Malaysia
Whistleblower Protection in Malaysia
Press Freedom in Malaysia
Transboundary Haze


EU and ASEAN Integration Processes: Lessons from the European Experience
Malaysia's Flood Response Mechanism


Taking Stock of the Implementation of the 10th Malaysia Plan


Remuneration of Elected Officials in Malaysia


Minimum Wage
Minimum Wage Legislation Around The World
Parliament Select Committee (PSC)
2010 Auditor General's Report 


8 June Emergency Ordinance
10 August 10 Malaysian Plan

28 July Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib's First 100 Days in Office
14 January DNA Identification Bill

24 November Food Crisis
16 September Internal Security Act
12 September Internet Policing
26 August Police
24 August Human Rights
21 August Freedom of Information
20 August Oil and Gas
19 August Judiciary
18 August National Unity
April Mid-Term Review of the Ninth Malaysia Plan

12th General Elections March 2008


Crime and Safety

Economy and Development




Local Government

Media Freedom

Polling Day

Urban Transportation

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