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Minimum Wage

The minimum wage policy was announced in April 2012. It addresses the problem of low wages in light of rising cost of living. However, the possible repercussions are: price hikes and circumvention by employers.

Minimum Wage.pdf


Crime Statistics

A falling crime rate has been suggested, but there is a lack of available statistics to verify this. Crime rates must be published in order for Malaysians to make informed decisions.

Crime Statistics.pdf


Declining standard of English

The decline in the standard of English has been much lamented. Most suggested policies skirt the core issue of instilling a desire to learn the language.

Declining standard of English.pdf



Corruption remains a problem despite laudable solutions by the government. The public perception of “grand corruption” remains unchanged, and there are concerns that government agencies involved with tackling the problem lack objectivity. There is also a need for greater access to information.


 5. Price Hikes The rising cost of living is a problem faced by Malaysians in every strata of society. The solution in the past has been subsidies, but this can only be a temporary stopgap. New measures have been introduced under the 1Malaysia banner, but the government must be rational and persuasive in implementation of the new 1Malaysia schemes.   Price Hikes.pdf

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