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Election Watch


The CPPS is proud to bring to you its new E-Library, which comprises policy related material that was instrumental in creating our Elections 2008 Policy Factsheets, and consequently formulating policy proposals. The material includes key socioeconomic indicators, national and international reports, and other collated studies.

The Centre takes seriously the need to provide such valuable information to the public, where opinions should be shaped and informed based on rigorous research and data. Ideally, any member of the public wanting to obtain information on Malaysia could direct themselves to the CPPS website. We have an extensive list of topics (Crime, Corruption, Environment, Economics, Education, Human Rights, etc.) and this can easily be expanded according to your needs.

Help us ensure up-to-date material!

As any library, our library needs to be continuously updated to remain relevant to current issues and developments. Therefore we would like to invite you to contribute to our E-Library. Simply contact us, send any material you/your organisation think is relevant, and we will update our E-Library accordingly. This includes reports, academic articles, papers, indicators and any other material specific to Malaysia.

Please send the material directly to cpps@cpps.org.my and state the following:

  • Your name
  • Organization if applicable
  • Topic of the material
  • The source of the information
  • The material (if the size allows you to send it)

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