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Year 2007

Malaysia and the Knowledge Economy: Building a World-Class Higher Education System
Human Development Sector Reports
East Asia and the Pacific Region
The World Bank Group


  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abbreviations
  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • I. Diagnosis of the Present Situation
  • I.I Benchmarking the Malaysian Innovation System
  • I.II Main Issues and Recent Developments in the University Sector
  • I.IIIGovernance and Financing
  • I.IV Quality and its Determinants
  • I.V Graduate Employment and Unemployment
  • I.VI Contribution of the Universities to the National Innovation System
  • II Options for Reforming the Malaysian University Sector
  • II.I Steering the Future of Higher Education
  • II.II An Improved Financing Model for the Malaysian Universities
  • II.III Improving the Quality of Teaching and Learning
  • II.IV Producing the Right Graduates to Increase Relevance
  • II.V Strengthening the National Innovation System
  • Bibliography
  • List of Annexes
  • List of Tables
  • List of Figures
  • Table of Boxes

Market Data Snapshot, Malaysia
Australian Government
Australian Education International

Year 2006

Malaysia Education Statistics Report
Educational Planning and Research Division
Ministry of Education


  • Quick facts
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Charts
  • 1. Demographic Indicators
  • 2. Economic Indicators
  • 3. Pre-School
  • 4. Primary and Secondary schools in ministry of education (MOE)
  • 5. Enrolment in ministry of education (MOE) primary and secondary schools
  • 6. Education indicators on enrolment as of 30 June
  • 7. Teachers of Ministry of Education (MOE) Primary and Secondary schools
  • 8. Students' achievement in ministry of education (MOE) schools
  • 9. Tertiary education
  • 10. Educational expenditure
  • 11. Private education and other agencies
  • 12. World education indicators

Study on Malaysia's Education System
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare ( Japan)


  • Outline of labor market
  • Vocational Training System
  • Work and Vocational Training and Training Programs for Young People
  • Certification System
  • Job Matching

Year 2004

Technical and Vocational Education Project in Malaysia Report
Asian Development Bank


  • Basic Data
  • Maps
  • I Project description
  • II Evaluation of design and implementation
  • III Evaluation of performance
  • IV Overall assessment and recommendations
  • Appendixes

Year 2003

Extract from the book:
An Education System Whorthy of Malaysia
M. Bakri Musa
ISBN-10: 0595265901
ISBN-13: 978-0595265909

Malaysia's Plan To Be The Regional Education Hub And Its Implications On Western Australian Institutions
Western Australia Trade Office


  • Background
  • International students market
  • Vocational training
  • Opportunities for WA

University Curriculum: an Evaluation on Preparing Graduates for Employment ( Malaysian Case)
National Higher Education Research Institute

Determinants of Migration, Destination, and Sector Choice: Disentangling Individual, Households, and Community Effects
Jorge Mora and J. Edward Taylor

Year 2000

International Data on Educational Attainment: Updates and Implications
Robert J. Barro, Harvard University and Jong-Wha Lee, Korea University


  • Introduction
  • II. The Estimation of Educational Attainment
  • III. The Complete Data Set on Educational Attainment, 1960-2000
  • IV. Comparisons with Alternative Measures of the Human Capital Stock
  • V. Conclusion
  • References

Year 1999

Boosting Innovation the Cluster Approach


  • Part 1: The Methodogical Dimension
  • Part 2: The Emperical Dimension
  • Part 3: The Policy Dimension

Year 1998

Student Loans in an International Perspective
Jamil Salmi
The World Bank


  • Introduction
  • Students Loans in an International Perspective
  • World Bank Experience with Student Loan Programs
  • Conclusion

Year not specified

The Role of Vocational Education in Economic Development in Malaysia: Educators' and Employers' Perspectives
Prof. Ramlee B. Mustapha
The National University of Malaysia
Prof. James P. Greenan
Purdue University

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