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Election Watch


Year 2008

Voters Education booklet
Pusat Komas, popular communications center

Year 2006

Polity IV Country Report
Centre for Systematic Peace

A History of Race Relations in Malaysia
Loren S. Ryter


  • Introduction
  • Historical Overview
  • British Intervention
  • The British and the Malays
  • The British and the Chinese
  • The British and the Indians
  • Alliance and Compromise
  • Conclusion

Year 2004

Policy Levers in Malaysia
By Graham K. Brown, Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity,
Siti Hawa Ali and Wan Manan Wan Muda, Universiti Sains Malaysia


  • Introduction
  • Historical Setting
  • Constitutional Issues
  • Policy Determinants
  • The Informal Sector
  • The International Context
  • Conclusion

Year 2002

The Politics of Democracy in Malaysia
Rainer Heufers


  • Democratic system of government and democratic institutions
  • The electoral system
  • The separation of powers
  • The Malaysian judiciary
  • The role of the media
  • Conclusions

Year 1996

Government and Society in Malaysia
Harold Crouch
Cornell University Press


    Part One: Introduction
  • 1: Ambiguous Regimes
  • 2: Politics and Society before 1970 Part Two: The Political System
  • 3: The Government
  • 4: Opposition Parties and Elections
  • 5: Political Controls
  • 6: Contradictory Trends: Incremental Authoritarianism
  • 7: Contradictory Trends: The Umno Split and the 1990 Election
  • 8: The Institutional Pillars of the State Part Three: Society and Politics
  • 9: Communal Identity and Consociationalism
  • 10: The Evolving Class Structure
  • 11: The Fragmented Business Class
  • 12: Economic Growth, Industrialization, and Recession Part Four: Conclusion
  • 13: A Repressive-Responsive Regime
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Documents Bound to Continious Development

Outline of Article 113
Constitution of Malaysia Part VIII
Contributed by CPPS

Constituency Delimitation and Re-Delimitation
Constitution of Malaysia Part VIII
Contributed by CPPS

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