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Election Watch


Year 2008

United Nations General Assembly Special Session Country Progress Report; Malaysia


  • Acronyms & Acknowledgements
  • Status at a Glance
  • Overview of the AIDS Epidemic
  • National Response to the AIDS Epidemic
  • Best Practices
  • Major Challenges and Remedial Actions
  • Support from the country’s development partners
  • Monitoring and evaluation environment

Year 2006

Sanitation and Human Development
Caroline Hunt
United Nations Development Programme


  • Introduction
  • Sanitation and human development
  • Sanitation’s health benefits
  • Conditions for health impact
  • Evidence of health impact
  • Sanitation’s social benefits
  • Sanitation progress and other Millennium Development Goals
  • Where sanitation has made a difference
  • Data challenges
  • Conclusion

Year 2005

World Development Indicators; urbanization and access to improved sanitation fascilities

Year 2004

Health in an age of globalization
Angus Deaton
Center for Health and Wellbeing, Princeton University


  • Introduction
  • Health and globalization in history
  • Globalization and health: arguments from economics and public health
  • Life-expectancy, incomes, and the gifts of globalization
  • Globalization and the determinants of health
  • Summary and conclusions


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