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Year 2007

KTM Komuter information;

Commuter Services


  • Performance
  • Development and Marketing
  • Operations
  • Future Plans

Safety, Health & Environment

Year 2006

Status Paper on Road Safety in Malaysia
Ministry of Transport


  • National Trend In Road Accident
  • Government policy
  • National road safety status
  • Asian Highway road safety status & trends

Country Synthesis report on Urban Air Quality Management
Asian Development Bank and the clean air initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-ASIA) Center


  • Tables and Figures
  • Abbreviations
  • Acknowledgments
  • 1. General Information
  • 2. Sources of Air Pollution
  • 3. Status of Air Quality
  • 4. Impacts of Air Pollution
  • 5. Air Quality Management
  • 6. Conclusion
  • References

Overview of current road safety situation in Malaysia
Mohamad Nizam Mustafa
Highway Planning Unit
Road Safety Section
Ministry of Works


  • Abstract
  • Status of road accidents in Malaysia
  • National road safety target
  • Safety iniatives
  • Future strategies and challenges of road safety
  • Conclusion
  • References

Spatial Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis in Integrated Planning for Public Transport and Land use Development Study in Klang Valley, Malaysia
M.A. Sharifi (a), L. Boerboom (a), K. B. Shamsudin (b), Loga Veeramuthu (c)

(a) International Institute for Geo-Information Sciences and Earth Observation, ITC, The Netherlands - Alisharifi@ITC.nl
(b) Geotechnical Spatial Analysis Research and Development, Federal Department of Town and Country Planning, Kuala Lumpur
(c) Mr. Loga Veeramuthu undertook this work while employed with Transport Schemes and Systems Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. He is currently an employee of VicRoads in Melbourne, Australia.


  • Abstract
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Background to the Klang valley, Malaysia
  • 3. Applied MCDA methodology to the Klang Valley
  • 3.1 Basic principles and design of rail network
  • 3.2 Design of alternative rail network
  • 4. Evaluation of the networks (MCDA process)
  • 4.1 Rankings of Alternatives according to different perspectives
  • 4.2 Uncertainty and sensitivity Analysis: Probability of making the ‘wrong’ decision
  • 5. Discussion and conclusion
  • References
  • Acknowledgement

Year 2005

The Malaysian Government's Road Accident Death Reduction Target for 2010
Law, T.H. Wong, S.V. and Radin, Umar R. S. Universiti Putra Malaysia


  • Introduction
  • Quantified Road Safety Targets: Other Countries' Experience
  • The Vehicle Ownership
  • Road Accident Death Rate Project
  • Data
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References

Year 2004

Vehicle Emissions Regulations & Future Fuel Quality For Cleaner Environment In Malaysia
Faridon Idris, Petronas Research & Scientific Services Sdn Bhd Malaysia


  • Sources of Air Pollutant Emissions in Malaysia
  • Motor Vehicles Statistics
  • Vehicle Emissions Standards/Regulations
  • Current & Proposed Future Malaysian Fuel Specs.
  • Where Current Malaysian Fuel Stands?
  • Proposed Schedule For Implementation Of Future Gasoline & Diesel Specs.
  • Future Plan To Improve Air Pollutant Emissions From Motor Vehicles

Year not specified

Traffic congestion & accidents
Dr. Chris Anthony

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