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United Nations Convention Against Corruption

The Second Session of the Conference of the States Parties (COSP) to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) took place from the 28th January till 1st February in Bali, Indonesia. At the CoSP governments discussed a number of issues affecting the future of UNCAC including a review mechanism for monitoring implementation, provision of technical assistance for countries in need, and asset recovery.

The Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) was represented by Tricia Yeoh as part of and together with other civil society organisations and members of the Coalition of Civil Society Friends of UNCAC, which has been created to support the ratification, implementation and monitoring of the UNCAC.

The UNCAC has been signed by 140 countries and ratified by 107 nations. Malaysia has signed the Convention but has yet to ratify. The CPPS' Merdeka Statement, in its 8th thrust also outlined policy recommendations to fight corruption, in particular calling for Malaysia to ratify and implement this important Convention. The official delegation from Malaysia, although not State Parties to the Convention, was represented by the Anti-Corruption Agency. The CPPS engaged in useful dialogue with the ACA, in particular with reference to the UNCAC and its requirements, should Malaysia decide to ratify it soon.

The CPPS is hopeful that the Government of Malaysia will take immediate steps to ratify and implement the UNCAC, as it is an important international tool that ensures standardisation and harmonisation of anti-corruption laws globally. In addition, it hopes that the ACA will take cognizance of Article 13 of the UNCAC, which specifically calls for the inclusion and participation of civil society in decision making and review processes. The CPPS will explore ways in which it can expand public participation in ACA and other policy related anti-corruption and accountability measures.

Attached are the UN Convention Against Corruption, and a call for action at the upcoming CoSP to the UNCAC. (prepared by Transparency International) These documents provide useful background information. The Coalition of Civil Society Friends of the UNCAC website is also a useful resource centre.

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