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Malaysian Youth Public Policy Roundtable: 11th Malaysia Plan
Date: 23 Jul 2014
Time: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Venue: Bangunan Parlimen (Malaysian Houses of Parliament)


CPPS’ Youth Public Policy Roundtable provides a platform to bring together youth from around Malaysia to share their ideas for nation-building policies. CPPS recognises the need for youth to be involved in the creation of public policy, as those without direct link to the government are often left out of the process. This, the first in a series of discussions, is titled: 11th Malaysia Plan: Towards a First-World Mentality Nation.

The day’s discussion will focus on
the 11MP blueprint document that will be released in June 2015. 11MP will chart the course for the country’s final stages toward high-income status. This one-day programme will be held at the Malaysian Houses of Parliament – an apt setting representing the halls of power for the nation’s policy makers. Beyond the educational benefits the day will provide, it will also serve as an opportunity for participants to network with other youth leaders from various organisations.

CPPS, through our 11MP working policy paper, has identified four main themes (
Liveable Cities, Convergence in Rural Communities, Resilient Governance, and a Competitive Market Economy) to focus on in implementing the new Plan. We hope this will serve to humanise the policy debate and allow Malaysia to adopt a first-world mentality in realising Vision 2020. We believe that it is not enough to define a nation as achieving high-income status through per-capita income of US$15,000. There must also be adherence to inclusive growth, fairness and justice, protection of the environment and equality of opportunity in education, to name just a few. 

This is an open invitation event. 
CPPS is targeting those below 40 years of age to participate on the day.

Please register by contacting Ms. Eyra at eyra@asli.com.my 
and download the Programme Outline here.

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