Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam

Director, ASLI & Chairman, CPPS


Dawn of better civil service
PH Budget 2019 should reflect new thinking
Duty to right the wrongs done by BTN
Getting to grips with debt
Salute to the new Malaysia!
Turn up in full force and use power of the vote
Eye on spending during election campaigns
Deeply disappointing drop in CPI
Resolve not to let our posterity down
Vote to protect our future
Property-related taxes not main cause for high cost of living
Please be fair and inclusive
Keep hate politics out of GE14
New hope for the environment
Are red lights flashing for our economy?
Budget is pragmatic, balanced and generous
Planning for Budget 2018
Celebrating Merdeka with an eye on the future
11MP Must Address Polarization, Uncertainty
Looking for the right candidates
Firm move to reject extremism
Table White Paper on bullying
Arrest decline in productivity and competitiveness
Benefit bumis positively
MACC chief deserves support
Bad advisers should get the sack
Driving to greater heights via NTP
Promises matter to rakyat
Thumbs up for moderation
In the pursuit of happiness
Time for EC to step it up
Time to trim the civil service
Keeping TN50 on right track
More bite in MACC’s graft fight
Beef up manpower of MACC, govt urged
Show more transparency in water issue
Time for needs-based policies
Addressing concerns over investments
Budget 2017 – More of the same or better?
Keeping our feet on the ground
Say no to removal of spending cap
A move that is vital for the country
Act now to stop the decline
Budget for affordable housing
Time to review the plan
What true Malaysians want
Innovate to soar upwards
Don’t play it cool, governor
Please choose well the new MACC chief – or we go down the well
Govt must take tougher action to deal with threat
World Bank should be less polite, more pointed
Tackle promptly the decline in productivity
Change policies to raise productivity, please
Push for higher fiscal integrity
National unity comes first
Moderates must resist adoption of hudud
Civil service exit policy could raise public confidence
Rhetorical or realistic?
Adopt SOP to ensure credibility
Managing poor public perception of MACC
Growing with caution and care
Transferring is not the answer
Time for electoral reforms
Grads, plan your future carefully
Please consult more for less blundering!
IMF report on Malaysia, politically correct but revealing
Why the hurry for new levy on foreign workers?
Ahead of budget tweaks, Putrajaya told to spare education, poor
Budget 2016 calibrations were quite ordinary
Recalibrated budget, what should it be?
Spread out projects under budget revision
Government must act on PM’s business cooperation call
How do we respond to our economic dilemma?
A to-do-list for a better year in 2016
Umno presidential speech could have been more balanced
The happiness challenge
Sarawak Chief Minister is ahead of us
Floods and slope slides
TPPA still needs explanation
Get real on economic facts
TPPA reached a deal, but will Malaysia sign it?
Are we at risk of being downgraded to junk status?
Nothing special about Special Economic Committee
My proposal for Budget 2016
Strong fundamentals are weakening and we are failing
Fixing to restore confidence
We need transparency in political funding
Malaysia’s rise or fall depends on its moderate path ahead
Upgraded Fitch rating is a relief, but for how long?
Let’s fast track and join the TPP too
Great debate between Idris Jala, William Pesek
Is the declining ringgit temporary?
Local elections will be better
Govt should get tough with indifferent civil servants
Good governance is key to achieving 11th Malaysia Plan goals
We Should Pay Them Better
Address all aspects of GTP and ETP
TPPA — Sign up and move forward
Govt must respond to Musa’s call on hudud
Please exempt the patients from the GST
Appeal to PM to be more inclusive for national unity
Laws against misconduct and wastage are most welcome
Transform fast to be competitive
Pak Lah should lead the way
We are facing critical times if not a crisis yet
Dragging civil servants into politics
Don’t politicise civil servants
Let’s form a movement of moderates
New Year resolutions for all Malaysians
Adding dynamism to the civil service
‘Pampering’ will do more harm
How do we stop the spin?
Focus on long-term issues
Set up national movement for moderation
How many more will be charged with sedition?
Strengthen our fading spirit
Of supremacists, racists and bigots
Get back on the right track
Equal rights to speak on hudud
Heads should roll over fund wastage
AG’s Report – We need to do more
Encourage freedom of expression
Many questions need to be answered
Perspectives On National Unity – Heritage, Home and Hope
Merdeka – how do i feel?
We Need the Laws if We Want Less Crime
What Do We Want from Budget 2014?
Much to be Done for the Economy
Why the Drastic Drop in Press Freedom Index?
Has corruption in M’sia really gone down?
Is happiness a state of mind?
Malaysia’s Commendable Improvement in World Bank Ranking in the Ease of Doing Business
Crime: Task force should review collection of statistics
Challenges 2013 Budget must address
A Response to PDRM
Public service a letdown
Happiness Index: Surely we can do better than 51st spot
How long can we sustain the ETP?
We should practise what we preach
Combat graft with greater urgency
YB Nazri’s statement on Asset Declaration is disappointing
Acquittal shows nation has become more democratic
Will performance rise more than pay hikes?
PPSMI should be retained
Don’t condone indiscipline
Sending wrong alarm signals
World Bank ranking commendable
Address the national deficit
Abuses of the NEP: Impact on investment and brain drain
What are we doing to avoid stagflation?
Najib can find solution acceptable to all
PSD must lift veil of secrecy
We need to deal with weaknesses quickly
The civil service freeze
Movement of Malaysian Moderates
Congrats and caution on the 1st GTP Report
Bank Negara forecast should not give false hope
AMS students need to master English
Give more priority to lower-income group