A Response to PDRM

It is apparent that the police force is becoming increasingly defensive and the public more frustrated and fearful regarding security in our country.

We need to try to find a solution to the current environment of criminality that persists in Malaysia. To this end we must return to the issue that you raise, namely that the police must “redouble their efforts to fight crime”.

But we must also ask, is “redoubling our efforts” going to be sufficient, or should we instead broaden our scope and look at the macro picture. I propose that there should be an overall review and assessment of what the crime problems actually are, and a more determined effort should be taken to answer such pressing questions as, how to fight crime more effectively.

To this end, the following issues must be targeted, as they all contribute to creating a fertile ground for criminality:

1. A review of the immigration policy for foreign workers
2. Upgrading the quality of the PDRM
3. Rebalancing the ethnic composition of the PDRM
4. Employing more multilingual police officers to deal with complaints
5. The establishment of an effective monitoring system for the performance of Police Officers
6. Initiatives to combat the incidence of corruption in the PDRM itself
7. Incentivize public action by rewarding informants
8. Establish an Independent Committee of Professionals and Scholars to review the process for reporting complaints on crime.

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