Appeal to PM to be more inclusive for national unity

Our Prime Minister made a significant speech to the Malay Solidarity Gathering at the Putra Indoor Stadium at Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur, last Saturday Feb 28th.

He raised several pertinent issues, as follows:

I. Malays should not rely on their rights to succeed. They must earn it. They must be Melayu Hebat and must be ‘great, work hard and be dignified’. This is a courageous call by the PM and will be welcomed and supported by all reasonable Malaysians!

The less privileged non-Malays realize that the standards of living of the majority Malays and Bumis must be raised. But the non-Bumis always ask why the under-privileged non-Bumis, should be left out or worse still, feel unduly marginalised ?

In all our socio economic development we need to bear in mind the overall basic need to be more Inclusive in order to reduce polarisation and to enhance our weakening national unity! We have to concentrate on providing for the lowest 40% income group of all races, if we are to achieve Inclusion and greater national unity.

2. The Prime Minister also strongly stated that only Malays with capabilities and merit can succeed . This would mean that the Government will increasingly give out scholarships, permits, licences, contracts and other Bumi privileges, only to those who can and will optimise these privileges and not waste these generous opportunities. Only Bumis who deserve these privileges should qualify and not the rich Bumis.

This meritocratic policy will please the many Bumis who are committed to quality, diligence and dedicated to Maruah, self respect and dignity. They have and continue to win the respect of all Malaysians!

The non-Bumis will also be appreciative of the fact that their hard earned tax payments will now be better spent for more productive purposes. It will be a “win-win“ situation which could make everyone happy, without generating resentment and disunity!

3. The admission by our PM that “we gather here tonight as successfulpeople”, must encourage higher income Bumis and Malaysians. Hence, after 58 years of relatively successful Independence, we can now seriouslyask if we can review the divisive policy of the Bumi/non-Bumi Dichotomy?

We have to follow our sacred Constitution by providing for the basic socio economic rights for all Malaysians, regardless of race and religion.

However, our national policies can, from now on, be based more on an economic and basic needs basis, rather than on any racial or religious consideration.

4. The Seven Mandates mentioned by our PM are vital and could be adopted as a Bumi Agenda, especially for the first three Mandates. These pertain to: (a) Championing Islam, (b) Defending the Royal Iistitutions and (c) preserving religious goals and moderation.

But YAB Perdana Menteri, for the sake of promoting our precious national unity and the Inclusive development of our country, can the other four Mandates be also adopted for All Malaysians and not only for Bumis,

The other Four Mandates are drawn from the PM’s Speech and are as follows:

i) Ensuring that Malays can compete on the International stage.

ii) Training and educating Malays to be a pioneering race, to be competitive and innovative and think globally, without forgetting their roots.

iii) Having a big heart and an even bigger fighting spirit and being hard-working and honest and patriotic, while avoiding conflict among each other.

iv) Strengthening ties among families and helping those in need.

Surely Sir, all these four noble Mandates can be adopted by all Malaysians, and not only Bumis, to build greater national unity and national resilience and progress, please?

I therefore appeal to YAB Perdana Menteri and our Government, in the interests of national unity, to seriously consider the above proposals, please.

Article published in The Star and The Malaysian Insider.

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