Govt must take tougher action to deal with threat

Like most Malaysians, I fully support A Jalil Hamid’s stand on Daesh (“A clear and present danger” – ‘New Sunday Times’, July 10). I also agree with him that “these extraordinary times require extraordinary measures”. But many Malaysians are asking if the government is doing enough to effectively combat Daesh. Can we use more of our intelligence services to nip Daesh in the bud? For instance, with modern, technology, we might have been better prepared for the first attack by Daesh.

But this is not a pure police or military matter. As was the case in the Emergency, we need to win the hearts’ and minds of all Malaysians to more strongly resist Daesh! Please go to the root causes of Daesh to deal with it.

Global Movement of Moderates Foundation chief executive officer Dr Nasharudin Mat Isa rightly states that the notion that “Islam was behind the IS-led terror attacks was a myth that must be corrected”. But our government and all Malaysians must unite, and speak up and act against Daesh in a well-coordinated and comprehensive new plan of action!

But the public is not fully informed and therefore feels insecure over the present dangers. Can the government take tougher’ action and- be more consistent in dealing with this new and dangerous threat?

Article published in the New Straits Times.

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