How do we stop the spin?

I refer to Wong Chun Wai’s article A mind-boggling spin(Sunday Star, Nov 2).

His forthright article well reflects the views of the majority of Malaysians who I believe are moderates.

The extremists are the minority and often the lunatic fringe!

But how do we stop the spin which claims that some troublesome Malaysians can be spared prosecution under the Sedition Act, while some intellects are charged so easily for no apparent good reasons.

This spin leads to the public perception that there is now selective justice and double standards in our country.

Worse still the spectre of “State Capture” (please check Google for this new World Bank term) now stares us all straight in our face.

The Attorney-General’s (A-G’s) decision to let a notably disruptive politician off the hook has drawn considerable flak unto himself and his powerful official position.

This has led to the growing public protest against the official conduct of the A-G. Public confidence has consequently declined.

Thus the A-G has to restore and strengthen public confidence in his high office, otherwise he has to consider gracefully fading away.

What other solution can there be to protect the integrity of the A-G’s office? Can we have a discussion on this?

It’s such a pity that so much national energy is frittered away in appeasing extremists, when the Government has proclaimed the policy of moderation so loudly at home and abroad.

Now that we have won an enviable and prestigious seat on the United Nations Security Council, as an exclusive non-permanent member, we have to match our policies or lose more of our credibility.

What is at stake is our future direction as an emerging country. Do we take the path of moderation and follow the rule of law from the present crossroads that we face?

Will we build or diminish domestic and international confidence in our capacity to better manage our country and economy?

With the threat of declining confidence, can we also break out of our middle income trap at a faster pace?

We have to remember that we are a multi-cultural society that can only succeed if we are moderate and not extremist, partisan and parochial.

We cannot be frogs in the well when we face globalisation. So let’s resolve to spin out of extremist tendencies and rally more strongly around the Government’s proclaimed policy of moderation, justice and fairness to all Malaysians.

We must reject extremism and “state capture’ and be seen to be doing so in order to continue to prosper and progress or we will just fade away.

The Government has to be firm in fighting extremists and in promoting moderation or our country will slowly but surly lose out.

No Malaysian moderate wants bad prospects and a poor future.

So let’s unite and to move forward and not backwards.

Article published in The Star.

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