Moderates must resist adoption of hudud

As a moderate Malaysian, I am appalled by the unholy haste shown by PAS and the Speaker of Parliament in allowing the PAS Private Member’s Bill on Hudud, to be tabled in Parliament so soon.

It was Number 15 on the Parliament Order List on Thursday, but was raised and seconded by Umno MP’s, not PAS members, to be catapulted to be tabled as a matter of urgency.

But for such a vital legislation to be tabled so fast in a democratic country that we call ourselves, there should have been much more public discussion and debate on this critical issue of the proposed introduction of the harsh hudud law.

I believe that there is no place for hudud laws in our multiracial, multireligious and secular country.

After all, this is certainly not a conservative parochial and ancient Arab country. But in fairness, even in the Arab world, we don’t have many real Arab countries adopting or practising the ancient hudud laws.

So why do we want to be holier than thou and again I ask, why is there a need for urgency and this unholy haste to adopt hudud in Malaysia?

This is the time for all moderate Muslims to speak up and be counted as moderate Malaysians.

They need to stand up with courage of their conviction and defend our basic principles.

Indeed, all moderate Malaysians, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, need to enable our country and our political leaders, to uphold our sacred Constitution and the Rukun Negara, which provide the foundations for our nation and our future well being. There cannot be a disconnect between our politicians and our people.

Already legal experts declare openly that the adoption of hudud law will be unconstitutional. It is seen to undermine the Barisan National spirit, and the very foundations of our history and our independent nation state.

Hudud will erode the very fundamental principles that provided the bedrock of our achievement of Merdeka for Malaya and the formation of Malaysia, as promoted by our founding fathers, including the late second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak.

How can we betray them and their ideals and reject their philosophy for the building of a united Malaysian nation, and its peace, harmony and progress?

In fact, unless we all together or the majority of us reject the adoption of hudud, we will contribute negatively to the disruption and disunity and ultimate decline of our beloved Malaysia.

So my appeal is for all moderate Malaysians to unite to resist the adoption of hudud in our secular and God given free country.

Article published in The Star.

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