My proposal for Budget 2016

I am openly responding to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s public request for proposals from the rakyat for Budget 2016.

Please consider my following proposals.

1. Revamp the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission urgently to make it more independent and effective.
2. Follow the Auditor-General’s Report and prevent wastage and penalise officials guilty of mismanagement.
3. Increase the GST exemption list for Items consumed by the poor and the needy.
4. Reduce unnecessary bumiputera preferences for the rich, for example, in purchasing luxury houses.
5. Phase out and postpone mega projects and provide more funds to small projects that directly benefit the poor and low income groups.
6. Take immediate action to introduce new laws in consultation with NGOs to fight money politics and thus, cut corruption.
7. Revamp the Election Commission, according to best universal practices, to stimulate confidence in the country and investment in the economy.
8. Review and revise all laws that promote elements of “state capture” that are continuing to push Malaysia towards the sad status of a “failing state”.

Please Najib do leave firm instructions with your Cabinet and top officials while you are away at the United Nations to pursue the above proposals that can form part of your speech on Budget Day next month.

Malaysia’s Budget preparation and presentation should not only be based on economic issues but should also take into account the wide and deep political and social issues and public concerns that now challenge our country’s progress, unity and sustainability even in the near future.

We wish that the prime minister will listen to the voices and aspirations of all Malaysians to build a better Malaysia for all.

Article published in The Star and The Malaysian Insider.

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