National unity comes first

I am deeply concerned over the outcome of the Barisan Nasional meeting tomorrow on the hudud issue.

BN leaders will preside over the meeting to resolve the split in views within BN over the private member’s bill, that was permitted by Umno, to be tabled for debate, over and above important government business.

Most people ask: “Why this unholy haste?”

Was it all for narrow political expediency, even at the expense of national cohesion and unity?

The hudud issue has to be resolved satisfactorily by the ruling BN, which is duty bound to look after the interests of all Malaysians. This is essential to genuinely protect and promote national cohesion and unity.

Now the burning question in moderate Malaysian minds is whether the Umno and BN leaders will have the courage, conviction and wisdom to arrive at a fair and reasonable consensus?

I offer some suggestions for a BN compromise: withdraw the bill or incorporate all the Penal Code punishments and penalties, without any elements of the harsh and even brutal hudud elements of ancient times.

The outcome of the meeting will show all Malaysians and the world at large whether Malaysia is to move forward into the light of national cohesion and unity, with peace and progress or slide into the dark ages of decline and disintegration!

Therefore like millions of moderate and progressive Malaysians, I humbly appeal to the BN and especially the Umno leaders, to save the day for Malaysia and for all true Malaysians for now and the future.

Article published in The Sun Daily and Free Malaysia Today.

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