PPSMI should be retained

It’s disappointing that the views of a significant, if not the majority of Malaysian parents who want the continuation of the PPSMI policy of teaching Maths and Science in the English, is not being heard.

We ask how the Education Ministry can say in one breath that it wants to increase the importance and teaching of the English Language and in the next breath, insist on teaching vital subjects like Maths and Science in Bahasa Malaysia?

The ministry should be consistent with the national vision to make Malaysia a developed country by 2020.

We have to transform our people’s psyche to strengthen our national language and at the same time, to pursue the competence in the international language which is, whether we like it or not, the English Language.

Where would our leaders and our country be today if not for our current, albeit declining, proficiency in English?

How far would Malaysia have developed if not for the past wisdom of promoting the teaching and use of English?

By rejecting the sound policy of PPSMI, we will be taking a regressive step backwards!

We would jeopardise our aim to achieve the aspirations of Vision 2020.

Worse still, we will create class distinctions and widen the already worsening income gap between the rural and urban populations and the poor and the rich citizens of the country.

The Government is obliged to consult the voters more widely and substantively on this very important national issue or risk national progress and the people’s support.

We therefore appeal to the Education Minister to uphold the PPSMI and to make the necessary announcement as soon as possible to avoid chaos and more confusion.

Article published in The Star.

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