Voter’s Education: A Framework to Assess Prospective Ahli Undangan Negeri (ADUN) and Members of Parliament (MP)

With the spotlight focused on the dissolution of parliament yesterday, the context of election should also be considered along with individual-level ability to grapple with the forthcoming political campaigns and appeals that are a part of the election cycles. Cues received from political candidates and elites, in one way or another, will determine how an individual become informed about particular proposition; and ultimately made decisions about their choice of leader and ruling government. Campaigning period is critical where political parties through their choices of candidates and alternative public policies proposals, provide citizens with options for good governance.

The extent to which voters are being equipped to understand and identify public policies proposals that may be in line or opposing with their own partisan preferences, is what we often call as voters’ education. It is in this context that this paper attempts to provide a general framework that serves as a tool for voters to assess their prospective ADUN/ and MPs prior to the 13th General election.

To read the full report, please download the following PDF.

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