Mission Statement

To engage and advise the public and policy makers on pragmatic policies to ensure inclusive development for all Malaysians

Relevant Policy Research

The Centre will undertake high quality research on issues of public importance and concern. Selected projects will be conducted with leading Malaysian and international research institutions and specialists.

Strategic Communications

One of the Centre’s key functions is to ensure that its research products and policy recommendations reach policy makers, advocates, and the public. Towards this end, the Centre will develop relevant communications tools including: policy briefs that synthesize key research and policy recommendations; issue briefs that offer succinct analysis of issues of policy importance; and host strategically-timed events that will bring current and former policy makers, academics, analysts and members of the media in discussion to advance understanding and knowledge.

Targeted Outreach

To maximize impact on policy-making, the Centre will develop programs, products and an outreach strategy tailored towards key target audiences. These audiences will include local, state and federal level officials; politicians from all parties; development scholars from Malaysia and abroad; print, radio and television media outlets; and the general public. The Centre will also actively seek engagement with non-governmental organizations and advocacy groups, especially those with broad-based public constituencies.